Our team & vision

Our vision

We are pioneers of a regenerative economy. Full Cycle redefines waste through material alchemy. Our bacteria-powered technology enables circular solutions for a cleaner, more sustainable future. We’re a team of passionate problem solvers, bioengineers, creatives, and visionaries dedicated to catalyzing the circular economy. We develop, scale, and distribute technologies that work towards this vision.

Our team

Leadership Team
  • Dane Anderson
  • Jeff Anderson
  • Daniel Mohanrao
    Chief Revenue Officer
  • Leslie Hurley
    Chief People Officer
  • Abby Liske
    Head of Business Operations
  • Conrad Brandt
    VP Finance
  • Kay Boamah
    VP Sales
  • Hasan Tbeileh
    General Counsel
  • Adrian Varga
    Policy & Markets Analyst
  • Aleesha Slattengren
    Extraction Associate
  • Alyssa Eszlinger
    Manager, Technology Scale-Up
  • Andrew Alcott
    Recruiting Manager
  • Anthony Martinez
    R&D Engineer
  • Courtney Davis
    Lab Assistant, Extraction
  • Curtis Jew
    Director, Project Management
  • Cooper Borinstein
    Production Supervisor
  • Dale Hartzell
    Sr. Process Engineer
  • DeLaine Mayer
    Enterprise Customer Success Manager
  • Eduardo Sanchez
    Lab Assistant
  • Emily Lozano
    Executive Assistant
  • Enrique Ramirez
    Sr. People Business Partner
  • Erik Martig
    Production Manager
  • Fleming Gudagunti
    R & D Engineer
  • Gavin Beach
    Site Manager
  • Gideon Butler
    Production Supervisor
  • Gulya Smith
    Talent Partner
  • Hai Pham
    Extraction Associate
  • Hallie Lau
    Laboratory Technician
  • Jay Carreon
    Lab Assistant, Extraction
  • Jesse Kuba
    Video Producer
  • Jesus Nevarez
    Production Associate
  • John Terwoord
  • Jonathan Trinh
    Production Associate
  • Jordan Bakhtegan
    Lab Assistant
  • Jugdeep Aggarwal
    Director of R&D
  • Julia Ross
    Associate, Process Engineer
  • Katrina Anderson
    Office Coordinator
  • Karen LeBlanc
    Sr. Talent Partner
  • Karthik Unnikrishnan
    Research & Development Engineer
  • Katerine Millsap
    Research Associate
  • Kate Heller
    Manager, Certification and Training
  • Keenan Scott
    Production Technician, Google Facility
  • Kira Erickson
    Global Partnerships Manager
  • Lauren Brown
    Program Manager
  • Lucy Edy
    Production Associate
  • Mary Rose Jones
    Associate, Project Manager
  • Melanie Lee
    Employee Success Manager
  • Michelle Dixon
    Jr. Analytical Chemist
  • Misti Boettiger
    Content Specialist
  • Morgan Low
    Process Engineer
  • Nicolle Au
    Production Associate
  • Nhan Vien
    Jr. Analytical Chemist
  • Nicolas Maher
    Research Associate
  • Nikita Pratap
    Manager, Extraction
  • Prabu Vijayan
    Head of Fermentation
  • Sasha Midyutov
    Data Scientist
  • Shihua Wang
    Sr. Analytical Chemist
  • Shreyas Oak
    Sr. Sales Engineer
  • Tristan Wells
    Technology Scale-Up Associate
  • Walker Heintz
    Lab Technician
  • Wilson Vu
    Laboratory Manager
  • Xandra van Alebeek
    Chief of Staff