Our team & vision

Our vision

We are pioneers of a regenerative economy. Full Cycle redefines waste through material alchemy. Our bacteria-powered technology enables circular solutions for a cleaner, more sustainable future. We’re a team of passionate problem solvers, bioengineers, creatives, and visionaries dedicated to catalyzing the circular economy. We develop, scale, and distribute technologies that work towards this vision.

Open job positions

We’re always looking for motivated and skilled people to join our team. Do you think you have what it takes to bring us to new heights and are you passionate about making the world a better place? Take a look at our vacancies or apply spontaneously.

  • Chief Revenue Officer

    We are impressed every day by the vast opportunities to explore partnerships with global companies and organizations who understand the value of our technology.  You will lead the organization that establishes & maintains the relationships that are the backbone of our business.  Overseeing the big picture strategy, you will work with the marketing and sales leaders in your organization to deliver Growth OKRs for the business.

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  • Director-Business Operations

    We’re at a pivotal point in our business growth and the timing is right to welcome a  Director of Business Operations.  In this role you will assist with executing core business strategy in concert with senior leadership.  Overseeing the day to day administrative and operational functions of Full Cycle’s business, you will be able to blend your experience and skills with both micro and macro thinking.

    If you can be the management glue for the different departments and help create systems that encompass Full Cycle’s business ecosystem, while making sure those systems align with the day to day processes, we would love to speak with you.

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  • Analytical Chemist

    We are looking to add an experienced Analytical Chemist who can manage Full Cycle’s analytical lab. You would focus on bringing operational excellence to our lab, using data as the backbone for all decision making. If you have a passion for data driven problem solving we would love to speak to you about this position.

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  • Production Associate

    We are seeking someone to join our team as a Production Associate, based onsite at our production facility. If you are someone who shares our values of teamwork, humility and empathy, clear communication, respect for the individual, urgency without frenzy, and personal accountability, this role could be amazing for you.

    In this position you will work onsite with a team at the intersection of traditional waste management practices and emerging technology intended to confront the environmental impact of plastics and greenhouse gases. We harness the power of nature and use naturally occurring bacteria to make a sustainable alternative to petroleum based plastic from food waste. Included responsibilities are similar to those found in a lab environment as well as a manufacturing floor. Knowledge in the areas of environmental systems, waste management, wastewater treatment, fermentation, composting, and lab research will support you well in this position. We highly value experience in standard laboratory operations and safety practices.

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  • Equipment Maintenance Lead

    We are looking to add an experienced mechanic who will oversee and implement our preventative maintenance program for our lab and production equipment for our two main locations in San Jose and Mountain View, ensuring they are operating at their finest. You would focus on preventative measures for all the equipment as well as perform hands on repairs and upgrades.

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  • Laboratory Technician

    We are seeking candidates for the critical role of Laboratory Technician to contribute to our rapid growth. Our team comes first, so we’re looking for candidates who share our values of teamwork, humility and empathy, clear communication, respect for the individual, urgency without frenzy, and personal accountability.

    As a Lab Technician, you would be responsible for maintaining the laboratory and executing R&D experiments. You may also be involved in the Pilot facility operations depending on company needs.

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  • Process Engineer

    As a Process Engineer, you will support the development and delivery of Full Cycle’s commercial license package to construct our first commercial facility. Core responsibilities will include project management over the construction of the facility in close coordination with Full Cycle’s technology experts and the engineering and construction firms designing and building the facility. You will be a key contributor with technology validation and deriving functional specifications for equipment, processes and automation. Your efforts will contribute to a clear and concise technology license package that will be used for current and future commercial facilities.

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  • General Application

    Love our mission and want to be apart of our story, but don’t see a role that fits you? We’re always looking for passionate, smart, and friendly people and we might just have a spot for your skillset.

    Feel free to send us your resume, a brief introduction of you, and if there appears to be a fit, we’ll reach out.

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Our team

Executive Team
  • Dane Anderson
  • Jeff Anderson
  • Casey Zweig
    Head of Technology Deployment
  • Leslie Wolin
    Chief People Officer
  • Ross Polk
    Head of Growth
  • John Terwoord
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Aleesha Slattengren
    Extraction Associate
  • Alyssa Eszlinger
    Manager, Technology Scale-Up
  • Andrew Alcott
    Recruiting Manager
  • Anthony Martinez
    R&D Engineer
  • Curtis Jew
    Manager, Research
  • Cooper Borinstein
    Production Associate
  • Dale Hartzell
    Sr. Process Engineer
  • DeLaine Mayer
    Project Manager
  • Em-J Staples
    Communications & Creative Lead
  • Erik Martig
    Production Manager
  • Gavin Beach
    Site Manager
  • Gideon Butler
    Production Associate
  • Hallie Lau
    Laboratory Technician
  • Hasan Tbeileh
    General Counsel
  • Jonathan Taylor
    Chemical Engineer & Polymer Scientist
  • Jugdeep Aggarwal
    Director of R&D
  • Julia Ross
    Google Facility Supervisor
  • Karthik Unnikrishnan
    Research & Development Engineer
  • Katerine Millsap
    Laboratory Technician
  • Kira Erickson
    Project Manager
  • Mary Rose Jones
    Research Associate
  • Melanie Lee
    Employee Success Manager
  • Michelle Dixon
    Extraction Associate
  • Nhan Vien
    Google Facility Supervisor
  • Nicolas Maher
    Research Associate
  • Nikita Pratap
    Lead Extraction Associate
  • Sasha Midyutov
    Data Scientist
  • Tristan Wells
    Technology Scale-Up Associate
  • Wilson Vu
    Laboratory Manager
  • Xandra van Alebeek
    Program Manager