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Full Cycle Bioplastics (FCB) manufactures polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) bioplastic using a novel process that utilizes organic and cellulosic waste as the feedstock. It is well known that PHAs harmlessly and naturally degrade in marine and terrestrial ecosystems, but commercially available PHA is currently made from crop based feedstocks, such as food grade sugar or seed oil. FCB’s non-GMO based process is environmentally friendly from the start, using food waste, ag byproducts, cardboard and waste paper as the raw materials. FCB can even utilize PHA products, at their end-of-life, as feedstock for the production of virgin PHA – a true closed-loop system. 

PHA produced with FCB’s technology provides consumers a truly sustainable choice. By licensing FCB technology, companies with large waste streams, either as producers (i.e. food processing) or collectors (i.e. waste handling), can produce PHA to generate revenue and mitigate disposal costs thus creating the highest and best value from waste.